About Roger

Cover of Marijuana Nation

His memoir tells of his 40-plus years immersed in marijuana research, treatment, policy advocacy, and - for a time - personal struggle.

Author of Marijuana Nation, published by Pegasus Books in 2014


Nearing completion ....

                          Looking Always for What Might Be Mine 

When Elliott Sterling reads poignant stories of Holocaust survivors who’ve learned how to rediscover meaning in life, they lift him out of despair. Drawn into the unhealed wounds in the lives of both his elderly neighbor and her distraught daughter, Elliott is forced to make a choice about what it means to be a survivor and who can and cannot be saved.


Life's a journey ....

  • Army Social Work Officer in Vietnam
  • 40+ years as a professor of social work
  • Addiction, HIV, and domestic violence researcher
  • Therapist
  • Author