Why blog about marijuana?

FebruaryTeddy2013_72ppiIn this period of rapid change in attitudes about marijuana, it’s common to hear opinions that stretch the truth. With many new proposals emerging for revising both medical and recreational marijuana laws, proponents for or against reform often find it difficult to temper their statements with acknowledgments that those on the other side sometimes have a point.

An example is the assertion that marijuana is harmless, just an herb. Countering that view is the notion that marijuana is inevitably harmful to all who use it.

Another is the perspective that prohibition has been a complete failure in protecting the public’s health and safety. The opposing argument is that legalization is the right answer, with no reason for concern about who might get hurt.

So, why blog about marijuana? As I see it we’ll be better off if we invite more rather than fewer contributors to our national debates about marijuana, while also putting more emphasis on listening to and hearing their views.

The task in front of us is to become more informed, partly by science and partly by better understanding our values.

I’d like to add my voice and to hear yours. Wagging more and barking less!

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